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25 June 2023

The benefit of using Security Dogs to patrol industrial sites

Trained security dogs are highly effective at deterring would-be intruders.

Security guards and dog patrols have been employed to monitor industrial facilities for many years because the presence of trained security dogs is highly effective at deterring would-be intruders. The presence of security guards with dogs also boosts morale among personnel and helps to ensure the safety of the business. There are many significant benefits…

Security guards and dog patrols have been employed to monitor industrial facilities for many years because the presence of trained security dogs is highly effective at deterring would-be intruders. The presence of security guards with dogs also boosts morale among personnel and helps to ensure the safety of the business.

There are many significant benefits to utilising security guards and trained dogs to protect commercial and industrial sites, and here are some of the more important ones.

Deterrent value of security guards and dogs

A well-trained guard dog may serve as an effective deterrent against would-be intruders. Dogs can easily recognise threats way before a human has even noticed, and this helps the team respond more swiftly, thereby minimising the possibility that an intruder will attempt to gain access to a property or even be able to breach the boundary.

Canines have ultra-sensitive sight, smell and hearing

Because dogs naturally have better senses of smell and hearing, they will notice changes in a situation and the presence of other people much further away and at a much lower volume than their handler. When a quick response is important, such as in large industrial areas, this early detection could make the difference between a small security breach and a major one.

Security personnel are economical

Whilst combining security technology with the extreme alertness and speed of response that comes naturally to security dog patrols can be highly effective, where budgets are limited or the physical presence of a security dog patrol team is deemed more valuable, the p=latter can be highly cost-effective.

Highly trained and extremely effective

Once trained, security dogs are extremely capable of performing with incredible efficiency and without further instruction.

Security dogs may be taught to sniff out certain illegal or dangerous substances and search for misplaced objects or even people, and because of their versatility, they may be utilised in a variety of situations and environments, making them a significant asset to any industrial location.

Dogs provide effective search and rescue

On extremely large or complex sites, such as industrial sites or abandoned warehouses and manufacturing plants, where criminals can find it easy to hide, security dogs will often be used to detect and discover the presence of people. This is particularly useful in industrial situations where the environment may be hazardous and difficult to navigate. With a trained canine on hand, search and rescue operations may be conducted quickly and effectively, potentially saving lives and minimising site damage.

Fly-tipping prevention

Utilising security dogs to patrol large commercial and industrial sites provides a high level of safety and effective security, and while trained security dogs may assist you in deterring thieves, squatters, drug users, and arsonists, the prevention of fly-tipping is paramount to owners of large vacant sites and open land.

The location of large sites can often be in remote, non-residential regions and will frequently have poor lighting because of their location, making them ideal targets for criminals,

Fly-tipping is an all too common issue faced by industrial estates and warehouse sites, resulting in the unlawful disposal of high volumes of waste material directly within the grounds or even within the buildings on these sites. This behaviour can pose a significant threat to public health and safety. Fly-tipping can also result in penalties and legal action, in addition to property and environmental harm.

Security patrols protect high-value products and equipment

Fully occupied factories and manufacturing sites will frequently hold products and equipment that are of extremely high value, making them a highly desirable target and considered worth the risks involved in order to steal them.

Such stored or in-house items may include plant and high-value machinery, manufacturing equipment, raw materials, and completed goods, making them very tempting and at huge risk of theft or even vandalism.

Vandals represent a substantial security concern for industrial estates and warehouses because they can cause extensive property damage, including graffiti, smashed windows, broken pipes, stolen roof lead and cabling and so on, all of which may result in costly repairs or even the loss of revenue due to the temporary closure of the firm while repairs are made.

Guarding against illegal occupation

Rogue factions of the travelling community pose a massive threat to open land or large car parking spaces frequently found on commercial sites from illegal occupation as they look to establish temporary communities. When sites are illegally occupied without authority, it frequently results in a variety of legal and societal issues. They will often cause damage to properties and the surrounding landscape and have little or no respect for the environment.

People who choose to squat premises illegally will likely present a range of safety risks or be a nuisance to adjacent homes and businesses, as these locations may lack essential amenities such as water and sewage, posing further health and environmental dangers.

Security becomes a major issue when whole caravans of travellers decide to take possession of land or large sites for the duration of their stay, and the physical presence of static security guards and dog patrols can be an effective deterrent.

Warding off arson attacks

Large-scale vacant or occupied properties, such as factories and commercial sites, are enormously attractive to arsonists, who take great delight in setting a property ablaze just for fun, often causing £millions in damage that can bring a business to its knees.

Manufacturing facilities will often have combustible goods, such as fuel and chemicals, which arsonists may get easy access to once inside a property which contributes significantly to the high risk of arson.

The presence of patrolling security guards with dogs is incredibly effective because the arsonists are often thrill-seeking kids.

Illegal occupation presents known health risks

In addition to being a security concern for industrial estates and warehouses, drug users can also constitute a threat to these locations. These individuals frequently use the property for drug use, leaving behind used needles and other drug paraphernalia that pose a significant threat to public health and safety.

Drug users may also become violent or aggressive, endangering themselves and others who attempt to approach them, so the presence of a uniformed security team, especially when accompanied by a trained security dog, can be more than enough to scare them away.

The solution to securing industrial estates and commercial sites

Industrial estates and large commercial sites, as well as out-of-town retail parks, estates, business parks, and warehouses, will always be vulnerable to theft, vandalism, squatting, arson, and fly-tipping.

Technological solutions for security come in many forms, including wireless alarm and fire detection systems, remote camera systems, mains powered or self-powered CCTV operating 24/7, flood detection, and so on, but highly experienced guarding personnel and accompanying trained security dogs offer an exceptional level of protection and peace of mind.

Regular patrols of occupied or unoccupied buildings show organised criminals and opportunists alike that the risk of gaining illegal access may be too high when compared to the potential reward. Therefore, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions to guarantee their protection around the clock.

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