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Security Dogs Sheffield

We design and deploy all Patrol Dog requirements in-house with our trained and qualified Security Dog Handlers Sheffield

Mane K9 are a professional supplier of NASDU L2 Security Dog teams Sheffield. Our Patrol Dog teams are utilised in Sheffield and around surroundings counties to provide bespoke modern-day solutions for the provision of Security Patrol Dogs. We design and deploy all Patrol Dog requirements in-house with our trained and qualified Security Dog Handlers.

Our Security Dog teams in Sheffield comply with BS8517-1 British Standards ensuring that the delivery of service is compliant and in line with current legislation.

All our handlers hold an in date and valid NASDU L2 with up-to-date training records.

Security Services UK

We provide Security Patrol Dog services in Sheffield to a variety of deployments within different industries to provide a visible marked security deterrent. We are proud to work with and provide Dog Security Services to the Event Sector, Construction, Logistical Hubs, Education, NHS, Vacant Property, Private Estates and Government Buildings with our Patrol dogs.

It is a well-known fact that a highly trained Security Dog team is worth the equivalent of 5 security guards. Utilising our Security Dogs to provide protection to your site in Sheffield is a strong visible deterrent. Whether you are looking for a construction site to be protected or a county estate our Security Patrol Dog service can be tailored to your requirement to provide you with complete peace of mind that your site has physical form of protection from our Security Dogs.

With our head office in Essex and with regional offices in London, Birmingham & Hampshire, we are well-positioned to provide Dog Security Services to organisations across the UK.

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Security Dogs Sheffield FAQs

Where do you provide security dogs in Sheffield?

Here at Mane K9, we provide security dog services in Sheffield for small, medium and large organisations. Our security dog teams cover Central Sheffield and surrounding areas.

What sectors/industries do you provide security dog services Sheffield for?

Our security dog teams in Sheffield serve a wide range of industry sectors and requirements including private and public organisations, local government contracts, commercial and residential properties, construction sites, manufacturing and warehousing, industrial estates, vacant properties and more.

If your sector/industry is not mentioned above, please get in touch as we are sure we can provide security dog services Sheffield for the industry sector you operate in.

How are security dogs Sheffield utilized?

Employing security dogs serves as a potent deterrent against intruders, aids in crowd control and assists in the apprehension of aggressive individuals. Paired with trained security dog handlers, this helps create a formidable security presence. Mane K9 provides NASDU qualified and SIA Licenced K9 Security Dogs and Handlers in Sheffield, capable of operating across various premises, events and industry sectors.

Is employing security dogs in Sheffield more costly than hiring security guards?

In the long run, opting for security dogs Sheffield can prove to be more economically viable for your event or organization compared to relying solely on security guards. Although the initial hourly rate for a dog handler may be higher than that of a security guard, the presence of security dogs serves as a much greater deterrent to criminals, thereby reducing the risk of an incident occurring. Consider the potential savings in insurance deductibles, reputation, the prevention of contract losses due to a serious incident occurring and by not having the required level of security in place to mitigate and deter those risks from happening.

Would security dogs frighten our customers, staff or event attendees?

Quite the contrary! The presence of our security dog units is more likely to instil a sense of safety and security in your customers, staff and event attendees. Our emphasis is on professionalism. When confronted with professional dog units such as those we deploy here at Mane K9 in Sheffield, criminals are significantly less likely to cause an offense or disturbance and are more likely to leave the location. In addition, customers often feel reassured knowing that they are in a secure location with trained dogs and handlers on hand, watching over and helping to keep the public safe.

Are security dogs Sheffield considered necessary only when situations escalate beyond the capabilities of a regular security officer?

No, it is advisable for security dogs to be deployed from the outset and as a highly effective deterrent they can form part of a larger security unit. The presence of security dogs in Sheffield often deters criminals from initiating problematic situations, thus preventing escalation. Along with being preventative, they are also a reactive measure responding in the moment to incidents that occur.

Do your security dog services in Sheffield have comprehensive insurance coverage?

Absolutely, our security dogs and handler units in Sheffield are fully insured, hold L2 with up-to-date training records and hold valid SIA Licenses as required in the UK by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

As a reputable security provider, Mane K9 Security holds approval to the Approved Contractors Scheme audited annually by the SIA therefore helping to show our credibility, professionalism in our industry along with our commitment to continual improvement.

Can security dogs be trusted?

The security dogs that we provide undergo extensive training prior to being deployed to your site. Our security dogs and their handlers hold licenses in line with NASDU standards, complying with BS8517-2 regulations and with the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Furthermore, we consistently reinforce the training of our security teams to ensure they remain fully prepared to carry out their duties effectively and in line with UK law and regulations.

I have specific needs concerning security dogs. Can you cater to individual requirements?

Yes, absolutely! We can provide a bespoke security dog service in Sheffield or surrounding areas tailored to your organisations specific needs and requirements. We excel in offering tailored security solutions and prioritize understanding each client’s individual needs.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your security dogs requirements further.